How To Clean Windows So They Sparkle – Window Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Tips

Window cleaning is a necessary task which many people have to carry out whether they like it or not. Unlike the rest of your home, you need to clean your windows both inside and out in order to get the maximum results. It may sound like a tedious job and one that is physically draining, so the ideal solution is to hire a window cleaning company in London to do the window cleaning for you.

But in case you wish to do the window cleaning by yourself, you need to follow these window cleaning tips:

Try to avoid window cleaning when the sun is at its hottest. Not only will you tire a lot quicker, it will also prevent the windows from drying to fast and leaving marks.
Use your vacuum cleaner around the edges to remove dust, dirt and even cob webs at the corners. If you get some dust cleared off now, there will be less smudging after washing the glass.
Use a duster to get rid of dust from the window before you clean the actual pane.
When doing the window cleaning, start from the top and gradually move downwards. This makes sure you do not have drips or streaks running down parts of the glass that have already been cleaned.
Use a cloth which does not leave any lint when wiping the windows dry.
If you do not fancy yourself as a window cleaner then call window cleaning London to take care of it for you. They will use state of the art window cleaning equipment that uses water-fed extendable poles that allow the window cleanersto perform their jobs without getting up any wobbly ladders.

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