Managing The Security Of Your Office With Office Cleaners in London

By July 10, 2010Office Cleaning

Office Cleaners – Managing Security

When you leave your office on Wellington Road across from the London Health Sciences Centre at the end of the day, you are probably ready to go home to enjoy your family. You are probably never giving one thought to the office cleaners who bring your office back to life and ready for another day’s business. If you never give a thought to the cleaners, you likely also never think of your building’s security while the cleaning crews are at work on your offices. It is important to consider the management of security while you are gone and the cleaning crew is there.

Make sure that your office cleaners not only have a proactive plan to keep their employees  from performing any misconduct, but also a way to deal with any allegations of misconduct, should they arise. Can you imagine the havoc your business would suffer should a client disclose that his/her personal information given to you to be used in a confidential manner has been breached and that client intends to hold your company liable for damages? Discussing your expectations for complete security with your office cleaners is not prudent but is a subject that should be revisited from time to time to ensure compliance from all the office cleaning staff.

Your offices have many important documents as well as valuable equipment and décor. What would you expect from your office cleaning company London should you arrive back to your office the following day to find a valuable piece of décor has been damaged? We all know that people are human, even the cleaners are bound to have an occasional mishap. If you have communicated your expectations to the managers of your cleaning staff, there should be no surprises. A professionally trained staff will follow protocol and proper notification will be given. You’ll be able to pull out of that drive onto Wellington Road every day to head home with peace of mind.

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