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If you have recently signed an agreement with a house cleaning company London, you may be wondering how to evaluate the house cleaning service you receive from their house cleaners.  It can be hard to do this because you probably don’t have any point of reference in which to begin evaluating the house cleaning.

This may be your first time using a house cleaner so you will not have any knowledge about how to tell if they did a good job. House cleaners can make your home look and smell good but that does not mean that everything was cleaned properly.

Evaluating a house cleaning service London begins with reviewing the agreement that you signed.  In the contract, you will find a list of things in your home that the house cleaning company agrees to clean.  Some jobs may not require completion upon every visit.  This is important to double check because you need to know when each area of your home will be cleaned per visit.

After the house cleaners London have performed their house cleaning services, you should try to be in the home.  This way you can walk around your home with the house cleaners to make sure that everything was cleaned properly.  If you see something that appears to be dirty or was sloppily cleaned, point it out to the house cleaners and ask them to clean it again.  Take your copy of the list and check everything thoroughly.  If the home cleaners refuse to clean something again or state that they are not supposed to clean that particular part of your home, place a phone call to their head office.  Explain the situation and ask to speak to a manager.  The domestic cleaning company should resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

Don’t expect a house cleaner to remove things such as books, DVDs, or clothes from your furniture.  If these items are left on tables and chairs, the house cleaners will have to clean around these items.  To make sure that house cleaners will do an effective job, pick up around your house and don’t leave jackets and coats draped over chairs.  It’s not fair to the house cleaners to have to work around your personal things.  If you find that they have done a good job, let them know.  Everyone appreciates a compliment for their hard work.

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