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Home Cleaning tips – How To Clean Mustard From Clothes

It’s Wednesday and for film lovers everywhere that can only mean one thing…two-for-one tickets at your cinema! Going to watch a film with friends is always an experience. You’re surrounded with big posters of films coming soon, bright displays urging you to buy popcorn, large drinks, ice cream, sweets, and most excitingly their one foot long hotdogs.

When you get into the auditorium and the performance finally starts, you’re plunged into darkness and you escape into this other world created by your favourite directors.

However, in some cases it’s not just you that escapes in the experience; sometimes the load of mustard and ketchup that you soaked your hotdog in escapes onto your clothes.

This doesn’t have to end in disaster though. Here are some easy home cleaning tips for removing mustard and ketchup stains from your clothes.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t rub at the stain. Rubbing will only embed the stains deeper into the fabrics. Take a paper towel and gently wipe away the excess mustard and ketchup.
Apply some full strength vinegar with a clean cloth to the stain. This will loosen up the residue, making it easier to clean.
Rinse the stain with a clean cloth and cool water until the stain is completely gone.
Don’t worry about your clothes smelling of vinegar; once it dries the smell will disappear completely.

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