Hard Floor Cleaners can Maintain Your Wooden Floor

Hard Floor Cleaning

Maintain the Floor’s Elegance with Hard Floor Cleaning Services London

It is a well known fact that hard floors are growing in popularity.  So many people are swapping their carpets for wooden or laminate flooring because of its elegance and longevity.  Plus hard floor cleaning is much easier than carpet cleaning and there are no tears when it comes to spillages.  The boom in the hard floors industry was enough for news broadcasters to question the survival of the carpet industry.

Before, there was only oak wood flooring as an option, but now you can buy all kinds of wooden floors, even laminated panels.  These hard floors are easy to install, and nowadays you don’t even need glue to fit laminates, making it easier and quicker for DIY fanatics out there.  With proper maintenance, hard floors could last for many years.

Hard floors require protection in order to maintain their elegance; all the furniture must have slippery pads on the bottom of their legs to prevent scratches on the surface.  Just because you switched from carpet to hard floor doesn’t mean you’re free from dust either.  In fact it’s more noticeable on hard floors, especially under the furniture; you’ll see large colonies of dust bunnies.  Vacuuming or sweeping has to be done on a regular basis.

Having a rug in the hallway or where there is heavy foot traffic can protect your wooden floors from most dirt coming into the house.  Any spillage on a wooden floor must be cleaned immediately before it soaks through and creates watermarks or discolouration.

Hardwood floors are generally finished with an acrylic texture or with a water-based polyurethane varnish.  Most oil-based finishes also require a final coating of wax.

The best option for maintaining an elegant hard floor is by hiring a domestic hard floor cleaning company in London.  They can provide specialist hard floor cleaning services to utilise the best polishes, creating a combination of a high gloss finish with good slip resistance.  Professional hard floor cleaners can also take care of the carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

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