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When moving into a new home you probably expect it to be clean and spotless for your arrival. Most property owners do a spot of domestic cleaning before they move out of a property. And if you’re a tenant it is part of the agreement, before handing over your deposit to the landlord, that when the lease is ended you leave the place in the same condition it was in when you first moved in.

We all have our personal standards of cleanliness. Some people cannot stand the slightest speck of dust on a shelf or fingerprints on the windows. Others are more laidback and won’t decide that it’s time to clean until things get cluttered and out of control.

When it comes to moving however, it is common courtesy to leave the place clean and tidy for the new owners. After all, you wouldn’t like to move into a new property that is filthy. At the same time, a landlord doesn’t want to dip into their own pocket to hire end of tenancy cleaning services, which is why they have the right to withhold the former tenants’ deposit.

There are domestic cleaning companies in London that understand the stress of moving out of properties. They now that the last thing on your mind is thehouse cleaning while you’re hunting for a new home or packing up your belongings, which is why most domestic cleaning companies London specialise in end of tenancy cleaning.

Their professional cleaners in London are fully trained to understand and execute the requirements for passing the landlord’s inspection, which will guarantee the deposit return.

To hire end of tenancy cleaners in London all you have to do is call a domestic cleaning company and ask for the end of tenancy cleaning rates.

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