Attract New Tenants with End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaners Make The Property Presentable For Viewings

If you’re a landlord and your tenants have recently moved out, you will want to start viewing your property to potential new tenants as soon as possible.  Before this can happen you need to make sure that the place is completely spotless, that every room is thoroughly cleaned.  The easiest way to solve this problem is by hiring a professional cleaning company in London that provides an end of tenancy cleaning service.

These end of tenancy cleaners have the experience and training to get your property deep cleaned and suitable for new tenants to move in immediately.

There are key areas in the house that potential tenants might look at and notice if anything is out of place.  The end of tenancy cleaners will pay extra attention to those areas making it all presentable.

Kitchen – Once the former tenants have moved out, all the kitchen cupboards and appliances need to be cleaned thoroughly.  End of tenancy cleaning involves scrubbing the oven, cleaning the fridge and leaving it smelling fresh, cleaning the microwave, the grill and hob, and cleaning the dishwasher. They will defrost the freezer, clean the sink and scrub the kitchen countertops and wall tiles.  Lastly, they will clean the windows and doors.

Bathrooms – The end of tenancy cleaners will sanitize your entire bathroom; clean the floors, the toilet, shower, bathtub and mirrors.  They will de-scale the bathroom sink and clean the walls and windows.

Bedrooms – Professional end of tenancy cleaners will ensure that the bedrooms are completely tidy.  They will clean the mirrors, vacuum the carpets, dust the window sills and clean the windows.

Living room and dining room – They will vacuum the carpet and polish the dining and coffee tables, polish the display cabinets and fireplace and clean the windows and doors.

End of tenancy cleaners will take care of all this, leaving you nothing to worry about except finding the lucky new tenants that get to enjoy a sparkling home.

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