What To Expect From Pre Tenancy Cleaning London

Pre Tenancy Cleaning London

Pre Tenancy Cleaning London

If your tenants have moved out of your home recently, then it is the perfect time to prepare it for the next set. Before your new tenants move in, you need to clean the whole house properly. One of the best ways of tackling this task properly is to a cleaning agency London that specializes in pre tenancy cleaning.

Pre tenancy cleaning services are specially designed to carry out specific jobs to have the rental property ready for potential tenants to view and hopefully start renting. There are some areas in the house which need a little extra attention, and professional cleaners can ensure that these places are thoroughly cleaned.

Here are some of the things you should expect from pre tenancy cleaning London:

Kitchen – Once your tenants have moved out, the kitchen needs to be properly cleaned. Appliances such as the refrigerator, oven, microwave, toaster and dishwasher need to be cleaned thoroughly. Pre tenancy cleaning can also defrost the freezer and scrub tough surfaces such as kitchen counter tops. They will also clean the sink, radiators and electric fixtures.

Bathroom – Professional cleaners will disinfect the bathroom and clean the floors, showers, bath and toilet. They can also remove lime scale from the sink.

Bedrooms – Pre tenancy cleaners can make sure that the bedrooms are completely clean and tidy. They will also clean the mirrors and carpets.

Living room and dining room – Carpets will be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed, mirrors and all surfaces dusted.

With the help of these cleaning agencies and their affordable pre tenancy cleaning rates, you can have the place completely spotless and looking as new as it was when the old set of tenants first moved in. This will really speed up the process of finding new tenants.

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