Why It Is Better to Use a Cleaning Company London During the Summer

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If you are currently using a house cleaning service for more than a year you may have noticed the difficulties that are faced once the summer season comes around.

If you are using a private house cleaner and they want leave to go on holiday it can be a nightmare to find a replacement on your own; failing in doing so could mean that your house cleaning duties will go unattended for up to two weeks or more.

Domestic cleaning companies in London could have up to two-hundred and fifty domestic cleaners on hand, and it is always difficult when more than half of them request to go on holiday at the same time.

While the cleaning companies try to be fair with their employees, somebody always has to pick up the slack.  They cannot afford any cancellations of their domestic cleaning services, so they do their very best to provide replacement cleaners to the clients’ properties.

When a domestic cleaner is unavailable for a certain amount of time, be it a couple of weeks or even just a day, the professional cleaning company is responsible for calling up their clients or emailing them two weeks in advance to let them know of the situation and that a replacement cleaner will be sent on schedule or as soon as possible.

While it is understandable that the clients’ lives are very busy, it is their responsibility to respond when the cleaning company tries to contact them; if not immediately, then as soon as possible.  Dropping a quick email so that the office staff can return a call is easy enough to do and does not take long at all.

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