Rewarding The Loyalty Of Clients For Exposing Disloyal Cleaners

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Greetings readers, we at FK Domestics Ltd would like to give a special thank you to a loyal client who has been using our cleaning company London for a year and alerted us to a disloyal cleaner.

The client called to inform us that their regular house cleaner was leaving and that they wanted a better, more loyal cleaner to replace her.  Apparently she offered to work for the client on a private basis, which would result in a breach of contract as the client cannot hire our house cleaners privately sooner than eighteen months after cancelling the domestic cleaning London.

The client said that if the house cleaner was being dishonest to our cleaning company, then how can he be able to trust her?

In a recession where many people will go to lengths or say anything to get something as cheap as possible or even free at the expense of others, we wish that all our clients could be just as honest and loyal.

Many cleaning agencies seem to face an all too regular problem of dishonest cleaners who give the majority of reliable and trustworthy domestic cleaners London a bad name.

So we would like to give this client a great big thank you for their loyalty and help, and reward them with a complimentary voucher for carpet cleaning.

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