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By December 27, 2010Domestic Cleaning
House Cleaners London

Domestic Cleaners Can Guarantee Top Quality Results

“Emilya’s cleaning standards are excellent. I will keep in touch!” – Catherine

There is always a level of uncertainty when you first hire a house cleaner through a domestic cleaning agency London; you’re basically letting a complete stranger into your home and leaving them alone for two or three hours while you’re at work.

However, once you have gotten over that initial doubt and you return to a spotless home, you will realise how much of an asset domestic cleaning London really is, knowing that you don’t have to worry about doing those chores instead of relaxing.

You are always guaranteed trustworthy and reliable house cleaners in Londonwhen you hire through a professional cleaning company, because they undergo rigorous vetting procedures to ensure that each house cleaner is eligible to work within the United Kingdom and they have a clean police record, which allows them to work in schools and commercial buildings as well as people’s homes.

The professional cleaners are also fully trained and must perform demonstration cleaning sessions under a supervisor, which must be approved before they are allowed to work on any client’s property. This guarantees a consistent high quality cleaning standard that is promised to all clients, and if your regular house cleaner is unavailable due to sickness or holiday, then the cleaning agencies will provide a replacement cleaner at short notice.

If you would like to receive regular domestic cleaning then give us a call on 020 8363 1966 for a free quote. Our domestic cleaning rates are affordable and competitive starting as low as £9.50 per hour.

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