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How To Hire A House Cleaner In London

If you are like most people, your time is limited. Between work, family, and other personal obligations you barely have time to breathe let alone scrub your home from top to bottom. For others, the thought of spending a full day cleaning grungy sinks and floors is about as appealing as eating mud. Thankfully, you can employ house cleaners through a cleaning company London who will scrub your home until it sparkles. Here are a few tips for hiring domestic cleaners in London that will ensure you get the top quality house cleaning services you are paying for.

The first place to start is to get recommendations from friends and family members who employ domestic cleaning London. This is especially beneficial if you have been in their homes and have already seen the quality of work their house cleaner does.

Once you have a list of cleaning agencies in London you should check out their reputation.  Go on the internet, enter the name of the cleaning company into a search engine and see what comes up.

Call around to the cleaning companies and find out the domestic cleaning rates that they charge. Be sure to clarify if they charge by the hour or by the job. If they charge by the hour, find out the average time it takes them to clean a home.

You should also be very clear as to the state of the property when you approach them for a quote.  While these domestic cleaners London are very experienced and fully trained no one can perform miracles and it may take longer than usual to clean a single room to a high standard if it looks like a bomb has hit it.

When you have narrowed down your list of cleaning companies to the one or two you’d like to use, schedule a walkthrough of your home with them and discuss the areas you want to have cleaned. Ask for a house cleaning checklist that details exactly what tasks they will do. This will help keep you both on the same page when it comes to expectations. If there are any cleaning services not listed that you want the domestic cleaner to perform, ask about additional costs. Take your time finding the right home cleaner for you. You will be working with each other for a long time so make sure you find someone you like and trust.

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