Domestic Cleaning Tips – How to Remove Pet Fur Clothes And Furniture

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Domestic Cleaners Can Rid Your Home Of All Pet Hairs And Dirt

Many people have pets. The amount of love and joy they bring to a home is beyond measure. Unfortunately the same can be said about the amount of fur they leave on our furniture, our carpets and most annoyingly…our clothes!

You could be sitting at your desk at work, and suddenly you notice clumps of fur on your sleeves, the front of your top, and on your trousers. Not only is this quite embarrassing, but it could quickly become a serious issue if any of your colleagues or customers have an allergy to animal fur.

Here are a few simple domestic cleaning tips for removing pet hair from just about any fabric.

Wet your hand and rub the affected clothing in a downward motion. This will ball up the hairs, making it easier to remove.
Wet a rubber glove and use the same downward rubbing technique as above to lift the hair off your clothing or furniture.
Rub a moistened sponge over the hairs to successfully remove them. Make sure squeeze most of the water out before using this technique.
You can buy lint rollers in most fashion retail stores that do an excellent job.
Wrap a wide tape, sticky side up, over your hand and roll it over the fabric. Works just as well as a lint roller.
These are just a few suggestions on how to clean pet hair off fabrics, and the best part is you don’t have to wait until your back home to fix the problem if it’s all over your work clothes.

If you’re too busy to go around the whole of your house lifting fur off everything, as well as tackling the usual chores, then you could get help from a domestic cleaning agency London.

With just a single phone call you could have a professional cleaner visit your home as often as you’d like to perform a house cleaning service, which can also include washing and ironing.

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