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You manage to keep your living room carpet absolutely spotless, but step into your daughter’s bedroom and it’s a different story.

Here, there are stains all over the carpet – mainly around her full length mirror. It takes you a while to realize what the stains are, but suddenly it dawns on you; those bright pink and red stains are makeup.

To your daughter, these stains have become part of the carpet pattern but you’re not so keen on the pink and red tones and you’re desperate to remove them.

If there is a blusher stain, you will find that a lot of this will come up with the use of a simple vacuum. Make sure you don’t rub the stain or add water to it as this can cause the stain to spread or set. Simply vacuum over it and you will find that the majority of the pink stain will be lifted.

Lipstick is a little more difficult to tackle because this is an oily substance that is likely to set into the carpet more easily.

For this stain, the best thing to use is soap. Rub soap onto a dishcloth soaked in warm water and rub over the stain. You should see it lifting.

Home methods don’t always work though, or if they do the results are sometimes not as spotless as you were hoping. So for a thorough carpet clean, you may wish to consider calling in a professional carpet cleaning service in London to deal with the stains. They will have professional carpet cleaners with the equipment and the know-how to completely rid you of those pink and red stains – well, until next time anyway!

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