Removing Cheese Stains From Your Carpet

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When it’s sitting on your plate, it can look fairly harmless, but the minute you get a bit on your carpet, you will notice how annoying cheese can be.

It’s one of those foods that you tend to nibble on when you’re peckish and you don’t always use a plate and that’s how accidents happen.

Cheese comes in many forms; from soft cheese that melts into your carpet, to crumbly cheese and even grated cheese that can get lodged deep within the carpet pile. So if you find yourself battling with a greasy cheese stain on your carpet, then follow these simple steps:

• Scrape the solid pieces away from the stained area.

• Mix one teaspoon of mild liquid detergent with a cup of warm water.

• Use the mixture to blot the stain with a clean cloth.

• Mix household ammonia with half a cup of water and blot the stain with the solution on a clean cloth.

• Continue to blot using the detergent mixture and the ammonia solution alternately until the stain has been removed.

• Blot the stain with a soaked sponge and blot with a dry cloth.

• Then allow to it dry.

Of course, this method is easy to do if there is only one cheese stain to clean from your carpet, but if you have a few, after a few too many cheese and pineapple sticks at your summer barbeque, then you may need the help of a carpet cleaning company London.

These carpet cleaning companies will provide professional carpet cleaners that can tackle every single stain until it is gone and your carpet is completely cheese and grease free. Then maybe next time, you’ll remember to use a plate.

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