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Carpet Cleaners Can Remove Even The Toughest Food Stains

If you have a large family with children, then chances are, you will have stains splattered all over your carpet. Everything from bolognaise, tomato ketchup, coca cola and butter can end up as messy splodges on your carpet. So it’s important to know exactly how to treat them. Here are a few carpet cleaning tips on how to tackle the worst stains:

How to Clean Cheese Stains – Get as much of the spillage up as possible with paper towel and then used warm water and mild detergent to wash the carpet. Using a mixture of one part vinegar to two parts water can help to remove this stain too.

How to Clean Cooking Oil Stains – Use talcum powder to soak up the oil and then rub it with a little cold water. Then wash the carpet with a mix of mild detergent and warm water.

How to Clean Curry Sauce Stains – This can be a nightmare to get out, but if you sprinkle some lemon juice onto the stain, this will help to remove it. Leave the lemon on the stain overnight then wash with a mild detergent and warm water.

How to Clean Tomato Ketchup Stains – If you’re quick, you can normally remove this stain by using a simple mixture of warm water and detergent.

These messes are all notorious for creating stains on carpets, but if you act immediately they’re usually easier to tackle. However if you do struggle to remove with the task, then there’s always the option of employing a cleaning company London. Their professional carpet cleaners will know exactly how to tackle all of these food stains and ensure that they effectively remove those unsightly marks, and with Christmas just around the corner, and the family dinner you’ll have to host, there is no doubt that you’ll need carpet cleaners London afterwards.

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