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Having pets in your home is lovely. They really become a part of the family and can provide so much love and comfort.

But there is a downside to having your furry friend in the house. Whether it’s a dog or cat, you are likely to find that their fur gets embedded into the carpet. You might think that the perfect way to combat this is with regular vacuuming. But while this can remove some of the fur on the surface of the carpet, there is likely to be more embedded deep into the carpet pile, and removing this can require a bit more effort.

Why not have a go at these carpet cleaning tips for removing fur?

  • Get a wet sponge and gently wipe it over the furry carpet.  The fur will clump together, making it easier to vacuum.
  • For rug and carpet cleaning or removing fur from smaller carpeted areas you could us lint rollers that can be bought from most high street fashion stores.
  • Wear a rubber glove and wipe it over the fur, the static will pick most of it up.

It’s great to know these little cleaning tips so that you can easily get rid of the majority of the pet fur from your carpet, but there comes a point when you might need something a little more effective.  When the amount of fur is quite heavy it’s best to call in a cleaning company London.

Carpet cleaners London will use the very best equipment available, which will effectively remove every trace of your furry friend from your carpet as well as extract dirt, allergens and stubborn stains.

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