Carpet Cleaning Tips- Removing Powdered Blusher From The Carpet

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When you have teenagers, you expect to have to clean up after them. They seemed to be trained in leaving mess wherever they go. But while you have developed ways of tackling most stains and spillages, blusher is one that you just can’t master.

The reason why it’s so difficult to tackle is because it gets imbedded into the carpet fibres and no amount of hoovering can pick up every grain of that bright pink blusher powder.

There are a few carpet cleaning tips as to how best to deal with powdered blusher on the carpets but of course, you have to vacuum over the stain several times to remove as much of the loose powder as possible.

Then one theory says that you should use make up remover on the blusher stain. Once you have applied this, wash it with warm water and use a little bit of washing up liquid too. Once you have done this, you should cover the stain with a bath towel and add weight to ensure that it soaks up the water.

This should remove most if not all of the stain, but if it doesn’t, then the best thing you can do is to use carpet cleaning services in London, which will be able to get rid of the stain for you.

The best thing about these carpet cleaning companies London is that they have the confidence to tackle the stain without worrying about ruining the carpet. With their knowledge, they will know exactly which products are best to use with your carpet and how to remove the stain completely.

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