Window Cleaning London ideas

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Window Cleaning London ideas

Have you tried cleaning your windows all by yourself? If you have, you probably know how challenging it can be, especially when there are fingerprints and other oily marks. The window cleaning solutions offered in stores work to a certain degree only. Some of them are partially ineffective, while others are almost difficult to wash. Furthermore, if you use a paper towel, it can leave a lot of streaks and lint. The best way to get fully clean windows would be to hire a Window Cleaning London service. But if you prefer to clean your windows alone, there are a lot of tips that can help you clean your windows more efficiently. If you are interested, keep on reading, as we are going to expose a few of them here.

Handmade cleaners are typically much better than store-bought ones

The best window cleaning treatment is a mixture of vinegar and warm water in equal parts. If the temperature outside is very low, you can add half a cup of denatured alcohol in order to stop the treatment from freezing on your windows.

Dry brushing could save you time

If you brush the glass surface before cleaning it, you’re going to make your work much easier. Most of the dust will be removed without wetting the glass and turning the dirt particles into mud.

Wash indoors first

If you start with the interior part of the windows, you’ll save your cloth and the cleaning formula, as interior is typically less dirty in comparison to the exterior. If you start with the dusty part, your cloth or sponge will get dirty more quickly, therefore making you utilize further of them.

Choose your tools wiser

Paper towels are way too soft to do a superb work on the windows. Crumpled newspaper is a lot more useful. If you don’t have newspapers at home, you can use a chamois or another sort of lint-free cloth. A natural sponge might also work pretty well. For the heavy duty work, a straight edged razor blade can be very effective, because it allows you to clean huge parts of glass at the same time.

Use various strokes on different sides

If you use vertical strokes on one side and side to side moves on the other side, it will be easier to determine the remaining streaks. This is usually a huge concern, because it’s very hard to identify correctly, especially if there is a lot of sun outdoors.

Speaking of the sun, it is much better to choose a cloudy day for cleaning the windows. Too much sun will make the treatment dry too quickly and you won’t have enough time to do a proper cleaning.

If you need to save a good deal of post-cleaning work, think about putting some old clothes under the windowsills to avoid water dripping on your floors.

For people who dislike cleaning, there is the solution of hiring expert window cleaning services. You can ask someone to come and clean your windows two or three times a year, thus saving you from this stress.

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