Why you should use licensed Carpet Cleaners London

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Why you should use licensed Carpet Cleaners London

The spring of the rug fibre and the brightness of the colours are very appealing, but sadly carpets become worn and a little filthy, that the great look is lost. This can often be restored by employing expert Carpet Cleaners London.

Carpet cleaning has been misunderstood for a while. The use of outdated cleaning agents with a lot of water that soaks into the rugs, can leave soapy residues, and a bad odor. The sticky residue means that carpets would probably re-soil fairly swiftly and the smell can be difficult to eradicate for several days.

Recently newer treatments have been introduced that use non-detergent based cleaners, and even dry cleaning techniques that are quite effective. These new methods are usually simpler to get to know than the old treatments, meaning that there are many qualified contractors delivering brilliant carpet cleaning services.

Hot water extraction is one of the most popular techniques for modern rug cleaning. It is usually thought that the operator is using a steam cleaner as it appears that steam is coming out of the cleaning wand. However it is, actually, water at high pressure, normally 200 to 500 psi, that looks just like steam. This high pressure water spray is injected into the carpet where it removes the grime from deep in the fibres.

The dirty water is then pulled out of the rug fibre by using a very high vacuum which is built into the same cleaning wand. The dirty water only spends a couple of seconds, if that, in the carpet and the high vacuum means that all of the water is pulled out, leaving the carpet virtually dry, without the bad smell.

Specialist cleaners will always vacuum the carpet carefully before using hot water extraction. Once the carpet has been thoroughly vacuum cleaned, a pre-spray is typically used to break down the dirt and gravel in the carpet. This pre-spray can be applied into the carpet thread by hand, or quite often, an electric agitator can be used to work it into the fibre. The pre-spray is then permitted to rest in the rug for a couple of minutes to break down the grime.

After a little while, the hot water extraction process is used to draw all the grime and gravel out of the carpet, leaving it looking like brand new. Some spots may be difficult to remove and they might need special treatment. Professional sprays are used to lift these stains out of the rug, usually by spraying, waiting for the chemicals to act, and then blotting with a clean white fabric to remove the stain. For really stubborn spots, this “spotting” method may need to be repeated several times.

Most carpets can be restored to almost new look with a specialist carpet cleaning service. You should book carpet cleaning at least once every year to ensure that your rugs sustain their wonderful appearance.

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