What to think about when using an Oven Cleaning service

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What to think about when using an Oven Cleaning service

There are different types of ovens used in homes. That is why, it is really important to find out what type of oven you have before you start cleaning it.

The food will usually boil at the bottom of the oven. At this point, the temperature in the oven may be high and you cannot risk switching it off to get rid of the mess. The best you can do is to step aside and wait for the oven to cool before it could be cleaned.

You have to know the correct methods for cleaning to avoid damaging your oven. Determine if your oven is a self-cleaning, non-self-cleaning or perhaps a textured type. If you find it hard or don’t have the time to clean you could book an expert Oven Cleaning service.

Self-cleaning ovens

If your oven is a self-cleaning one, you have to run the self-cleaning cycle which reduces the spillages to powder and ash so that you can effortlessly wipe it out using a moist cloth. If your oven is self-cleaning, ensure that the window is open to reduce the possibility of smoke adhering on the frames and the ceiling. When you do that, you have to wash down the door and the frame lightly with a cleaner to remove the residue. Do not wipe it using abrasives. Just wash a rag with water and soap and use it to wipe out the grime.

Textured oven

If your oven is the textured kind, you just need to use a moist cloth to wipe down the interior and your oven will be cleaned. These type of ovens possess a distinctive surface made from a rough porcelain layer that burns up the food. Cleaning it using coarse oven solutions and scouring patches may ruin the surface.

Non-self-cleaning ovens

If you have this type of an oven, you should ensure that each time food or water spills in the oven, a moist cloth is used to wipe it up. You could opt to have the bottom of the oven covered with an aluminium foil. But, this has to be carefully done so that you don’t block the vents. This oven can be cleaned by using a plastic scrubbing pad or a brush.

Use the following tips to help you clean your oven. Nevertheless, you could always use a professional Oven Cleaning service. These cleaners would be able to determine the right service for your oven and they would be able to clean it completely.

– Make sure that the plastic knob is removed for the duration of the self-cleaning cycle. If you don’t do this, your plastic knob can melt.
– Baking soda can be used on the regular non self-cleaning ovens. A mild abrasive might be used to absorb the oily spills and the grease.
– The baking soda can be set aside to blend for around 12 hours before wiping
– If there is anything to be scrubbed, you might need a spatula to remove the paste
– If there’s any adhering baking powder, use vinegar to remove it

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