Suggestions on DIY removals from an expert Removal Company London

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Suggestions on DIY removals from an expert Removal Company London

Moving calls for adequate preparation, which helps to make the move easy and less expensive. Booking a Removal Company London or taking the DIY approach are valid choices. Whatever the case may be, people need to know what they should do – have an organised plan that covers anything from the packing to unpacking. Here are several tips that can be useful for DIY house moving planning.

o Budgeting and preparation will help with finding out the expenses related to the move. Part of the preparation will include having clear information on the new location, the distance to be covered and the nature of the location (if it has easy accessibility and parking for the vehicles when offloading).

o It is essential to think about booking some extra hands to help with loading and offloading, which means overestimating the budget to accommodate any issues. It is also vital for people to make allowances for probable delays.

o Booking a van for the move should be done a week prior to the moving day. Talk to the hire firm and ask if they offer self-drive vans or they offer vans plus drivers. Each option comes with advantages, but it’s up to the customer and what they require.

o Organising things is vital to make sure that nothing is misplaced, left behind, or broken during the move. It’s advisable to sort the delicate things apart from those that are not, and the light from the heavy things. The delicate things must be packed in clearly labelled independent boxes.

o The heavy things should be packed at the bottom of the boxed, and the light stuff added on top to fill the space. Colour coding and labelling will be a great way of knowing which box contains what and will go into which room. It is very important to set aside at least 2 to 3 days to complete the packaging.

o On the D-day, the loading could be a huge challenge. It will require a bit of muscle particularly if most of the things are heavy. The heaviest stuff need to be loaded first, and need to be at the furthest end of the van to leave enough space at the top for the light things. Things such as old blankets, pillows, and sofa cushions may be used to protect the furniture from any damage. You need to make sure that everything is tied up and firm to prevent any shaking while on the road.

o The drive needs to be slow and cautious. Attention should be provided to the valuable cargo. The van must do speeds of around 50mph – 60mph for single and dual carriageways respectively.

The above suggestions cover the different things involved when moving homes. But, this job could be very difficult for a few people, particularly families with small children. For these families, hiring an expert Removal Company London is the ideal option. You could ring 020 3006 1739 and you will be able to get all the details.

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