Simple Window Cleaning London ideas from professional cleaners

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Simple Window Cleaning London ideas from professional cleaners

Windows play a huge role in our properties. These important fixtures act as an entrance through which light can flow into our houses and fresh air makes its way into the home. However, if they are not cleaned properly or often enough, they can be an unsightly thing to look at. As such, it is essential that you have your windows cleaned as frequently as possible. Although using a cleaning professional is something that you could do, there comes a time when you will need to do the task on your own. As such, it’s best that you check these Window Cleaning London tips.

Window cleaning is not very complicated as long as you know what has to be done. The most significant thing is to ensure that you get the right tools and cleaning detergents.


A few of the most important things that you need to have are a bucket, a squeegee, a mop and a scraper. Each of these items will play a crucial role in the cleaning approach. If some of your windows are elevated or perhaps in difficult to reach areas, then a ladder is something that you might also require.

Cleaning detergents

Before you begin cleaning your windows, it’s very important that you have the appropriate cleaning agents at hand. The great news is that the market is awash with some window cleaning detergents which are really effective. Alternatively, you can choose to create your personal cleaning solution that could get the job done equally well.

When cleaning windows by yourself, start by cleaning them using a sponge. It’s advisable to use warm water when cleaning your windows. On the other hand, it’s important that you avoid using strong solutions as they can damage the window.

When cleaning a window, you need to wipe off all the excess water using a clean squeegee starting from the top and working your way down the window in a reverse S pattern. Ensure that you clean the squeegee’s blade using a clean rag to prevent the transference of dust on the window.

If there’s more water on the window, then take it off by using a damp microfiber or chamois cloth. Additionally it’s advisable that you clean your windows on cloudy days. While sunlight could help you to spot filth, the heat usually makes the windows dry faster and this can end up leaving streaks on the glass.

If you can’t find a good DIY cleaning solution, then here’s a simple solution for you to consider. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar in a bucket of warm water. For windows that are very filthy, use two tablespoons of domestic borax or household ammonia and then rinse the windows using the vinegar solution. The most effective way to buff your cleaned and dry windows is to use a crumpled newspaper – the ink from the print can do miracles and can give your windows that extra shine.

With these Window Cleaning London tips, cleaning your windows is going to be easier. If you have no time to complete all of these things on your own, phone 020 3322 8261.

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