Poor hygiene levels force takeaway restaurant to close

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Poor hygiene levels force takeaway restaurant to close

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takeaway restaurant in Scotland has been forced to close for the third time due to poor cleaning and hygiene levels.

Green Kitchen in Edinburgh was served with a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice after inspectors concluded that the restaurant’s kitchens posed an “imminent risk” to customers’ health, reports the Scotsman.

The restaurant was previously forced to close after an inspection on December 9th last year, but when health and safety officials returned on June 24th, they found no adequate spring cleaning had taken place and food was being stored unhygienically.

Inspectors also found dirty cloths being used to cover cooked rice and staff failing to wash their hands before handling food.

During their most recent visit on June 29th, inspectors saw that no further steps had been taken to improve hygiene levels and ordered the restaurant to close immediately. The business was later allowed to open after a clean-up operation.

Councillor Robert Aldridge, the city’s environment leader, told the paper: “I applaud the swift and effective action taken to safeguard the health of the public.

“This sends out a clear message to restaurant and takeaway operators that they must adhere to food hygiene requirements or face the consequences.”

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