Innovative Gardening London tips to take your garden area to the next stage

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Innovative Gardening London tips to take your garden area to the next stage

When carefully designed, your garden could become far more than a bit of grass around your house. Actually, it can be turned into a restful outdoor retreat where you can spend time soaking in the sun and creating amazing moments with your family and friends. These creative Gardening London tips will help you transform an ordinary outdoor space into an awesome getaway:

Add a fountain

Adding a water fountain to your outdoor space will help to create a relaxing atmosphere. The sound of running water not only rests the mind and recharges the body, but it helps to block out road noise or other distractions.

Consider adding a stone fountain in a low profile area of your garden. Place a bench or lounger nearby so that you could relax and enjoy the sound of the water. Alternatively, you can take an even more modern approach by installing a contemporary wall fountain next to your patio. The cleaner look provides soft water sounds, but may be a better fit if your house has contemporary structure.

Install pathways

Building pathways through your garden can not only help to break up the space, but will turn a trip through your garden into an amazing adventure. For a unique look, use mosaic stepping stones to create the pathways. If you want a far more natural design, marble pavers are also a fantastic option.

Create one or more nooks

An element of landscape gardening is finding ways to make the place more peaceful. Creating hidden nooks is a great way to accomplish this. For example, try building a small pergola in one corner of your yard. Hang weather-proof sheer curtains on 3 of the edges to create the feeling of an outdoor room. Finally, surround the pergola with shrubs and greenery to set it apart from the rest of your space. Add a simple patio table or an outdoor sofa to create a fantastic getaway where you can relax with a good book or you could just sit and drink a glass of iced tea.

Build an arched entryway

The entrance to your yard or garden sets the stage for what is to come. A plant-covered arch with a half-open gate creates an inviting and enchanting entrance that makes you want to see what lies on the other side.

Pre-built archways come in different materials ranging from plastic to cast iron. Spend time looking around to find an archway that improves the structure of your home. Next, look for climbing plants that grow well in your conditions. Depending on where you live, climbing roses, clematis and wisteria are all great choices. As the plants grow over the archway, it will add some magic to your outdoor space.

Landscape gardening can transform a standard garden into an incredible space. Tasks just like fitting garden fountains, fitting pathways, creating special nooks and adding an amazing entryway could help you create a warm, comforting retreat where you are able to escape the trouble and bustle of daily life.

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