How to clean porcelain tiles

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How to clean porcelain tiles

Porcelain floor tiles have increased in popularity in recent years but some homeowners are unsure how to keep them at their best.

Claire Warrington from Tile Choice believes that choosing the correct tile in the first place could reduce the need for Regular Cleaning. Porcelain tiles also tend to be resistant to staining and durable – making them ideal for high-traffic areas in the kitchen or bathroom.

She added: “Polished tiles are more likely to scratch so it is necessary to be careful when sweeping. Once swept the tiles can be mopped with clean water and a mild cleaning solution, it is always better not to use bleach as this over time can make the colour fade.”

For those looking to reduce the amount of domestic cleaning they do, then unpolished tiles can be easier to keep clean, while textured tiles will need extra cleaning because dirt can become trapped in the patterns.

Tile Choice supplies bathroom and kitchen tiles in the Midlands and is currently expanding into the rest of the UK.

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