Home cleaning, House cleaners in London

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Home cleaning, House cleaners in London

Choosing the right Domestic Cleaning Company for you? Do you plan to hire private home cleaners in London?Don’t risk it!

We live in a busy world and women are under higher pressure than men. They have to work, look after their household and children and above all- clean. It is always essential and easy to call someone for help- especially if you need some rest or simply spare some additional time for yourself, for the family or friends.

However men are also under pressure- working hard to keep up the family budget or trying to help their partner sharing the household duties between each other. Probably you know people who already sought for help which helps keeping their properties clean and tidy and enjoy their free hours off work.

You could hear many different suggestions and advises on the main question here- is it better having a private cleaner, hire a home cleaner through and cleaning agency or….. simply clean yourself?

Let us exclude the last option because face it- no one likes cleaning after a busy day or spending a whole weekend day dusting and hovering instead of going out or relaxing the way you like best. The point here is what house cleaner would be best for you and your household, and last but not least- your security and budget. Hiring a private house cleaner Probably you already have a bunch of leaflets wondering which telephone number to start with. They all say they are professional, reliable and … cheap!

Well, you decide to call one of the leaflets and what you hear is a lady hardly speaking English. You ask her to come for an interview and there she is- with her references which you asked in advance and her kind smile. So far so good- but it would be essential thinking of additional things like:

• Where does she live- if she lives too far away she would probably be late sometimes because we all know the occasional transport problems in London

• Where does she come from- she might have passport but she might not be eligible to work in UK or might not be Tax registered. This means she could leave for her country any time whenever she needs.

• How can you trust her references and her reliability, is it secure to hand her your house keys and are you sure she will not send her friend to clean for you when she needs to go somewhere.

• Does she have insurance- what if she breaks something or sets up the house on fire?

• What would you do if you have invited friends for dinner and she texts you she will not be able to come as she does not feel well- you will need someone to help you and maybe spend a lot of money on a one-off service.

• Once she decides to leave you will have to go through all this over and over again until you find another cleaner.

• What if you get too friendly with her and she does not notice your remarks about the standard of her cleaning which has been better at the very beginning when she was employed by you.

 Are you ready to take the risk for all above and hire private domestic cleaners with one and only positive target- saving £1.50 to £2.50 per hour? Well, having described the pros and cons of having a private home cleaner, you will say- but what would an agency do for me better than what you read so far?

And the answer to this question is- A LOT!

Choosing a home cleaning company There are many house cleaning agencies in London and saying “A LOT” does not mean that all cleaning agencies answer this criteria.

The question here is how to find the right cleaning company, what is the procedure to hire a cleaner and how much would it cost. Cleaning agency does not mean several home cleaners working for the clients of an ex-cleaner.

Cleaning company means a cleaning company established years ago which has at least 1500 clients and 250 cleaners. These house cleaning companies work accordingly to well established procedures of hiring, training domestic cleaners and maintaining a high quality of home cleaning service. All professional cleaning companies have one main aim- keeping the clients’ satisfaction at all times and trying to gain higher number of clients relying on good house cleaning service, reliability and referrals from existing clients. Signing up with a cleaning company is easy and quick. You just need to have the answers for several questions ready:

• What services do you need- cleaning service, ironing service, dog walking etc.

• How many days per week or every two weeks

• How many hours

• What days of the week A professional cleaning company would not only offer cleaning on regular basis, but also be one call away should you need professional end of tenancy or pre-tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, mattress cleaning, spring cleaning, after-builders cleaning. When you are ready to hire a home cleaner you should know a few very important house cleaningtips-

• all existing cleaners are extremely busy and if you prefer having an experienced cleaner you should be more flexible with the cleaning days (however a cleaner would come at one and the same day and at one and the same time for every cleaning session) otherwise you might be offered a newly trained cleaner

• all cleaners are carefully vetted, all their paperwork and documentation checked and have been trained before starting work for the agency.

• you have the right to meet the cleaner in advance and show her around your property, explain to her your requirements and expectations

• you will be the one to provide the cleaning equipment for the cleaning sessions- make sure your vacuum cleaner works properly and you have all required cleaning materials for best results of the cleaning session

• all cleaners have liability insurance and you can be assured your property is safe

• you can hand the cleaner keys if you are not able to be at home every time when she is due for a cleaning session- she will keep your keys securely

• if your cleaner is ill, the agency will arrange another cleaner for you and if needed- with your permission- the house keys too. The privacy and security of the client is very important to the agency and any issues will be discussed with the client in advance

• the cleaning agency works online 7 days per week- the clients can easily communicate with the professional office staff either over the phone or via e-mail (any additional information on services and booking form are available on the web site)

We at FastKlean proud ourselves with all mentioned above and let us share what our existing clients think of our service:

“I am really happy I chose FastKlean Cleaning Company 4 years ago. I used to have a private cleaner who was always late for work. She was recommended to me but I never got used to her habit being late. Also she lost my house keys on several occasions not mentioning the cleaning standard became dreadful at the very end. Since I chose FastKlean I have continuous service, although I have had 3 different cleaners so far- they have been so easy going and doing fantastic job. Thanks a lot to all of you- very professional and reliable!” Mr G. Y.

“Being a busy mom of three made me search for some help with the cleaning and it has been very useful for me and my family. Yes, I pay a bit more but I have a great cleaner- Natalia works very hard and helps me a lot! She even goes shopping for me when I am not able to do it myself! My neighbour uses her services too and it is good the girl lives just 15 min away. I firstly hired her for 3 hours per week but now she comes two times per week for 2.5 hours. She goes on holiday twice every year but I have always had professional replacements arranged for me by the agency without any problems. I will definitely stick with the agency.” Mrs M. B.

“I had a bad experience with a private cleaner- one day she just did not come to work and escaped with my house keys. I was in the position of stress at work and stress of this situation as all my door locks had to be changed over a night and this really cost me lots of trouble and money. Never unknown cleaner again!”

 Call us on 020 7470 9235.

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