Daimer launches new anti-bacterial steam cleaners

Daimer launches new anti-bacterial steam cleaners

Daimer Industries has launched a new commercial cleaning steam machine with new and improved sanitation capabilities.

The 50Hz steam cleaner features Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization anti-bacterial technology, which helps to improve hygiene levels and kill dangerous micro-organisms.

Powered by a four-litre boiler which is connected to a three-litre water refill chamber, the machine is capable of pressure levels peaking at 5.2 bars.

The steam cleaner is designed for use in healthcare facilities, food production operations, schools and other environments where hygiene is important.

The steam cleaner comes complete with a three-metre steam hose, a three-metre vacuum hose and a range of over 30 other components and tools including steel wool attachments for removing grease, upholstery nozzles, extraction rods and fibre towels.

Matthew Baratta, spokesman for Daimer Industries, said: “We wanted to make our antibacterial technology available to cleaning professionals outside the US. The 550VP is our first entry-level 50 Hz steam cleaner offering this technology.”

Daimer’s new steam cleaner is the latest in a range of machines that incorporate Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization. Last month, the company announced that its KleenJet steam cleaners in the Mega 550, Mega 1050, Supreme 3050, Ultra 1550 and Ultra 5050 product lines will be fitted with the technology.

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