Could US cleaning product rankings catch on in the UK?

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 Could US cleaning product rankings catch on in the UK?

Domestic Cleaning enthusiasts in the UK may be hoping that a new system to rank the environmental credentials of products is adopted from the US.

Whole Foods Market is said to have devised a system whereby substances are graded on their impact on the environment, Reuters reports.

It has set a deadline of June 1st 2011 for suppliers to seek approval from the US Department of Agriculture if they want their items to be sold as organic products.

The eco-scale rating system is intended to help consumers who are engaging in carpet cleaning, or any other form of tidying, choose a fluid that satisfies their green ideology.

A colour-coded arrangement will be introduced and all cleaning substances must reach a minimum of orange level by 2012 in order to be sold in the store.

To meet these requirements, firms must ensure their products have not been tested on animals, do not contain artificial colours and must not consist of substances that have been highlighted as potentially hazardous to the environment.

The use of eco-friendly products appears to be increasing in the UK and Cleantech Solution Services recently released an anti-bacterial coating fluid aimed at this market in particular.

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