Carpet Cleaning Oxford – handling tricky stains on your carpet

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Carpet Cleaning Oxford - handling tricky stains on your carpet

Carpet Cleaning Oxford – handling tricky stains on your carpet

Common stains are easy to handle when doing your daily Carpet Cleaning Oxford. They are less stressful and you will have an easy time to clean up the matter from the carpets surface. However, there are stains that need more than your usual Carpet Cleaning Oxford. Some may be very hard to remove despite your every effort to deal with the stains. What do you do in such a case? Well, no need to worry as here are tips that will help you to handle a number of the cases and relieve you the stress that you face when you spot such stubborn stains on your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Oxford – handling tricks

Some of the stubborn stains that we are talking about include wine, gum, wax, or butter. Some may find their way on your carpet due to someone’s negligence while some may land on your carpet by accident. Whatever your carpet colour material is, it is possible to clear the stain and have your carpet looking good, as if the accident never happened.

  1. The first step is to scoop of as much as possible of the stain as you can. For liquid spills, you can use a spoon or a towel to remove the liquid before it seeps in to the carpet. This means working on it as soon as it occurs. For solid stains, scoop up the solid as soon as it falls before it is stepped on the carpet making the stained region even bigger and deeper. You can also blot the surface to have the blotting agent absorb any form of the stain that can be extracted from the carpet.
  2. Avoid brushing the carpet by all means. Brushing the carpet will only spread the stain to other areas if the carpet that had not been touched or in event may make the stain seep in further. Vigorous brushing will also most likely damage the stained region of the carpet thus making it wear out faster than the other regions of the carpet and in the end draw more attention to the stained and damaged area.
  3. Applying warm water to the stained area then further blotting the area will lead to a further removal of the stain making it less conspicuous. If this seems to be working, then it is time to take more action by repeating the same procedure. You can also use detergent solution containing a quarter spoon of dishwashing solution in a cup of water to clean the area. In this, apply the solution to the stain, leave it for about 5 minutes then rinse the spot using clear water.
  4. The iron box is another tool that is essential in stain removal. To remove stains caused by drinks or foods, you can use the iron box together with a water and vinegar solution or water and dish washing liquid solution to remove the stain. This involves the use of a towel to absorb the stain. For wax, one needs paper towels or blotting paper along with the iron box to remove the stain. To get the instructions on the cleaning steps, you should view out articles on Iron Carpet Cleaning instructions.

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