Carpet Cleaners London methods

Carpet Cleaners London methods

Carpet Cleaners London methods

Every problem has a solution. When you want to clean or have your carpet cleaned, a number of things might be running through your mind. Probably it is winter time and you do not want your carpet wet. Dry cleaning the carpet can be the best options. However, whenever you are looking for the best Carpet Cleaners London method, a few things are of importance and they are:

  • Find out the type of fibres your carpet is made of
  • The kind of traffic on the carpet
  • The area of the house where you find the carpet
  • If your carpet has gone through any stain resistance treatment
  • If anyone in your house is prone to allergies
  • How important is the drying time

Carpet Cleaners London tricks

All methods used in Carpet Cleaners London have their advantages. In order to know the advantages, you can ask your professional cleaner to outline for you everything when it comes to choosing the best method of cleaning carpet whether in your home or in office environment. Among the methods of Carpet Cleaners London are:

Shampooing: this process is quite simple as it involves shampooing a cleaning solution onto your carpet using a circular brush. Foam is used to trap soil and is created from the rotary action of the circular brush. The foam that has already trapped dirt is later removed using a vacuum cleaner.

Steam cleaning: this is the most common method of Carpet Cleaners London among professionals. It involves spraying a hot water cleaning solution to the carpet with the use of a high-pressure jet. A wet vacuum is then used to suck up the water, dirt, and solution. This wet vacuum can be mounted on a truck or portable. However, in order to achieve the best results when you choose steam cleaning, a number of steps need to be followed. First, you need to pre-vacuum the carpet to remove dry soils lying underneath. The next step will be that of treating any stains. When this is done, you can pre-spray the carpet with a cleaning solution and agitate it so that it can move deep into the carpet pile. Hot water extraction is then follows and finally deodorise the carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning: this method of cleaning is sometimes referred to as dry cleaning. It employs the use of chemicals and heat to break down oily build ups normally seen on carpet fibres. The absorbent pads of a rotary machine do rotate at high speeds on the carpet thus removing soils and oil. However, this segment of industry is franchise specific. A particular company does concentrate on utilising the cleaning chemicals of their organisation. The best bonnet cleaning method will include pre-vacuuming of the carpet, stain treatment, treating the carpet with solvents, and finally dry cleaning. The process of applying a conditioning or neutralising rinse together with sanitisation and deodorising are crucial.

In the above three methods of cleaning, the former is simple and something that you can do on your own. However, our professionals can take care of your carpet regardless of the method you want used when cleaning.

If you want far a lot more information and facts for our Carpet Cleaners London, please call us on 020 8626 7977.

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