After Builders Cleaning On Huge London Flats

After Builders Cleaning

Professional After Builders Cleaner in London

A few months ago FastKlean Cleaning Company London was invited to a tender for an after builders cleaning service on a massive, refurbished block of flats in London.  We were among twenty commercial cleaning companies in London that were bidding on this major project.  If our proposal wins our professional cleaners will be performing a huge after builders cleaning service on the sixty floors of this giant building.

The mess left behind after builders have completed their refurbishing or building work can be a nightmare to clean.  Dust and debris covers every inch of floor.

Despite the builders’ best efforts to clean up after themselves it will not be a thorough clean.

Without the help of a professional cleaning company in London, the property own would be stuck on where to begin.  Our skilled after builders cleaning staff have the knowledge and specialist equipment to make a newly refurbished building spotless and ready to live in.

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