Yorkshire girls take on commercial cleaning role

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Yorkshire girls take on commercial cleaning role

Four young Yorkshire girls have embarked on a cleaning drive in their local neighbourhood as part of a school project.

Evie Guttridge, Olivia Harley-Shreeve, Kate Hinchly and Sophie Thompson, all aged 11, have taken on the role of Commercial Cleaners to clear away litter in their local village of Tickton after being shocked at its poor hygiene levels, reports the Hull Daily Mail.

The youngsters hope to organise a litter and recycling campaign within their community as part of their Humberside Police Lifestyle project.

Speaking to the local paper, Evie, of the Bin Buddies team, commented: “We would like to make Tickton litter-free and try to get across to as many people as possible that it’s important to use the bins.

“We didn’t think it was going to be so much of a problem until we had finished the litter-picking, where we found lots and lots.”

The team has also been invited to the local parish council meeting to discuss the possibility of providing a new bin for the village.

Driffield Today recently reported that John Peter Lannan, of East Yorkshire, was fined over £1,000 for illegally dumping waste in Grindale.

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