Window cleaners take on world\’s tallest building

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Window cleaners take on world\'s tallest building

Windows cleaning staff have embarked on the mammoth task of cleaning the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. A team of 36 cleaners, mostly made up of migrant workers, have been employed to clean the 24,000 reflective windows and around 120,000 sq metres of glass of the 206-storey tall edifice using 12 state-of-the art cranes.

The machines operate at heights of 2,000 feet and cover 40 storeys each. The window cleaners will be harnessed to metal cages inside the 13-ton machines and methodically cleanse the building’s outer surface. Every cleaner will carry electrolyte packs and wear clothing designed specially for such tasks.

Given the extremely high temperatures, window cleaners will only work in parts of the building that are in the shade. It is believed to take around three months to clean the entire building, so the machines will be operating in cycles throughout most of the year. Window cleaners will scrub the building’s surfaces using traditional soapy water and a squeegee but unmanned machines will clean the very highest reaches of the Burj Khalifa.

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