Vinegar hailed as effective after party cleaning solution

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Vinegar hailed as effective after party cleaning solution

Removing wine stains can be a testing task for those carrying out after party cleaning, but one traditional household solution is all that is needed to keep clothes and fabrics in a pristine condition.

According to cleaning expert Elaine Morris Roberts, instead of spending a small fortune on expensive supermarket products, house cleaners can make use of ordinary white vinegar to remove stubborn stains.

Writing in the Springfield News Sun, she explained that vinegar’s acidic quality is excellent for shifting hard-to-remove stains and will not leave chemical residues that can harm household pets and water supplies.

Using vinegar is also a good way for the party help to keep surfaces free of toxins and bacteria, as vinegar is known to be a very effective germ killer.

Ms Roberts highlighted information from Gaiam Life, which shows that a number of studies have shown that white vinegar can kill up to 99 per cent of bacteria, 82 per cent of mould and up to 80 per cent of viruses.

However, care should be taken when choosing the type of vinegar to use. Contract cleaners involved with the party assistance are advised to steer clear of cider vinegar because its brown colour could stain certain fabrics, materials and surfaces.

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