Top tips for cleaning your dirty carpets

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Top tips for cleaning your dirty carpets

Mishaps and spills are common occurrences in most homes, but if left uncleaned, dirt could become ingrained onto carpet fibres and cause significant damage.

In order to prevent carpets from being ruined by simple spills, householders should quickly enlist the help of a carpet cleaning professional to help remove stains.

Professional carpet cleaners are able to use their top-of-the-range machines to carry out thorough rug cleaning, control foul odours and conduct water damage restoration.

Environmentally-friendly domestic cleaning machines are the best options to go for, as they combine effective cleaning capabilities with good eco credentials.

Cleaning solutions used to remove carpet stains should also be as friendly to the environment as possible in order to minimise the spread of toxins.

It is also important to reduce the time a carpet is kept wet by setting blowers, which can accelerate the drying time and thus preserve the quality of the carpet.

Furthermore, applying a carpet protector to the rug after it has been cleaned can help preserve its quality. After the carpet protector has been applied, it should be raked with a special carpet groomer that distributes the protector evenly.

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