Top computer screen cleaning tips

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Top computer screen cleaning tips

As householders gear up for their annual Spring Cleaning regime, they have been advised not to forget about their computers.

According to Geek Sugar, given that around 60 per cent of people have more than one computer monitor, they should not forget to take time out to keep them clean and fresh.

The publication warned that keeping computer monitors clean is not as simple as merely scrubbing them down with the nearest household cleaner, because computer screens are fragile and as such, should be handled with the utmost level of care.

All-purpose household cleaners and anything containing ammonia, alcohol and acetone should be completely avoided because these can strip away the protective coating commonly found on the surface of LCDs. Paper towels should also be avoided because these can cause scratches.

Instead, householders should use a soft cloth such as microfiber to dust off their monitor and gently wipe the screen. A moist cloth can also be an effective way of cleaning computer screens.

According to Geek Sugar, a 50-50 mixture of distilled water and white vinegar is a cheap and effective way of removing marks on delicate LCD screens.

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