Top cleaning tips for a streak-free mirror

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Top cleaning tips for a streak-free mirror

For house cleaners who find it almost impossible to clean their mirrors without leaving unsightly streaks, an expert has unveiled a few simple tricks that can do the job.

Domestic Cleaning expert Mrs FixIt of DIY Life advised house cleaners to rub a little bit of alcohol on a soft, lint-free cloth made of material such as microfiber and use it to clean their mirrors to wash away all manner of smudges and spots.

Using alcohol also has an added benefit – it disinfects while it cleans and evaporates as it dries, leaving behind a streak-free shine.

Mrs FixIt also advised homeowners who may have run out of alcohol to try using antiseptic mouthwatch instead, as this has the same effect as rubbing alcohol when applied to a lint-free cloth.

“If you don’t like the smell of the alcohol or mouthwash, brew yourself a cup of tea and leave half of it to cool in the fridge for a while,” Mrs FixIt advised.

“Then dip a lint-free cloth into the tea and scrub the mirror. It’s tea for two – you and your mirror!”

Writing in NTV, domestic cleaning expert Donna Smallin recently advised homeowners to kick off their autumn cleaning with a “bathroom detox”.

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