Time is nigh for office spring cleaning, expert says

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Time is nigh for office spring cleaning, expert says

Office workers have been urged to don their marigolds and spring clean their entire work spaces this month.

According to the Guardian’s Rebecca Smithers, it is a good idea to start spring cleaning the office, so dusty windows and mounting rubbish do not ruin the atmosphere as the weather begins to improve over the summer months.

She urged workers not to do the cleaning alone but to encourage colleagues to join in, so there is a collective effort to improve the hygiene of the communal working area. As well as improving hygiene and presentation, cleaning is also important from a health and safety point of view.

“Employers have a legal obligation to keep corridors and fire exits free of junk and rubbish, which could cause fires or accidents or impede evacuation in an emergency situation,” Ms Smithers commented on the publication’s website.

“For the same reason, floors under and around desks should be kept as clear as possible,” she added.

Clearing away clutter such as papers and books kept on the window sill can also improve the whole ambience by allowing more natural light into the office.

Ski resorts across Europe underwent extensive spring cleaning over the bank holiday weekend, as volunteers helped remove debris in more than 50 centres.

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