Tennant unveils new hard floor cleaners

Tennant unveils new hard floor cleaners

Tennant Company has unveiled two new hard floor cleaners designed to remove dirt from surfaces more efficiently.

The Tenant T3+ walk-behind scrubber and the Nobles Speed Scrub XC walk-behind scrubber feature eco-friendly technologies including the breakthrough ec-H2O and foam-activated scrubbing technology.

With the ec-H20 technology, cleaners are able to convert plain tap water into a powerful cleaning agent with no added chemicals.

Both hard floor cleaners are equipped with 24-inch/600 mm scrub heads to provide a 20 per cent wider cleaning path than current models.

According to Tennant Company, the combination of a larger scrub head and advanced technologies allow the machines to perform like much larger scrubbers, so hard floor cleaners can fully maximise scrub time.

Tennant Company’s Andy Eckert said: “We are very proud to offer our customers with mid-size facilities a choice of highly efficient, sustainable cleaning solutions that enable them to maintain their facilities with the most environmentally sound cleaning technologies available.”

He added that the scrubbers are aimed at addressing consumer demand for a nimble, cost-effective cleaning machine that provides a more flexible cleaning solution.

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