Survey reveals rise in number of domestic clearouts this year

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Survey reveals rise in number of domestic clearouts this year

Around one in five people in Britain are gearing up for a thorough and comprehensive Spring Cleaning regime this year, new research shows.

According to a poll conducted to mark the launch of The Sims 3 Design & High-tech Stuff Pack, nearly 20 per cent of Brits said they will be embarking on a bigger domestic spring clean this year because it is the start of a new decade.

The survey, which questioned 2,000 people, found that one in three (34 per cent) respondents said they will be throwing out old CDs and DVDs as part of their clearout.

The report revealed that collectively, Brits have cleared out over £10 billion worth of material items and furnishings this year in preparation for their annual household cleaning sprees.

With the increasing number of householders in the country keen to spruce up their living spaces as the freezing temperatures subside, there could be a rise in demand for professional cleaning treatments.

Trained cleaning personnel are able to complement general home cleaning using their specialised equipment to clear dust and cobwebs from nooks, crannies and alcoves around the house.

London cleaning companies provide wide ranging services for domestic customers clearing out their homes this season.

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