Study hopes to uncover whether household dishcloths spread germs

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Study hopes to uncover whether household dishcloths spread germs

A new scientific study is to be launched to find out whether Domestic Cleaning can backfire and actually cause the spread of bacteria.

The Irish food safety body Safefood is seeking out experts to carry out research on the potential of household dishcloths to spread bacteria around kitchen surfaces, reports the Irish Medical Times.

Dishcloths often remain wet for long periods of time and contain residual debris, which can incubate mirco organisms such as bacteria.

Safefood expects the 12-month study to fully assess the microbiological status of dishcloths after they have been used to wipe down counter tops and other kitchen surfaces.

The study will also include a comprehensive questionnaire to find out the usage patterns and conditions of 200 dishcloths selected for testing.

The six most regularly used methods of cleaning dishcloths will also be measured and those are: rinsing under the tap, cleaning in a standard 30 to 40-degree washing-machine cycle, soaking in water and washing-up liquid, soaking in bleach solutions, boiling and washing in a dishwasher.

According to Care2, common household cleaning solutions such as vinegar can be used to kill bacteria, mould and germs.

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