Steam cleaning methods help clean your carpets thoroughly

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 Steam cleaning methods help clean your carpets thoroughly

Of all the furnishings and items in your home, carpets are possibly the most prone to dirt, dust and staining, as they are used everyday. This is one of the reasons why you need to hire professional carpet cleaners on a fairly regular basis.

Some Carpet Cleaning London services will offer steam cleaning as an option. Its well worth choosing these companies as steam cleaning is well known as the most effective way of removing stains from carpets.

Steam cleaning explained…

During the steam cleaning process, hot water is the form of steam is used to force soil and dirt out of the carpet. The hot water contains a cleaning agent which helps to force dirt and residue up from the very fibres of the carpet.  After this process, a specialist vacuum cleaner is used for removing the dirt produced and the carpets are thoroughly rinsed and dried.  

Most manufacturers recommend the use of steam cleaning over other methods such as dry cleaning and shampooing. These and any cleaning you may attempt yourself will only help to clean the surface of the carpet, not the fibres underneath.


A successful steam cleaning process requires a fair amount of skill, so it is always advisable to hire professional carpet cleanersfor the application of this method.

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