Spring cleaning could net man £40,000

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Spring cleaning could net man £40,000

A former film director could be set for a £40,000 windfall after making an astonishing find while engaging in spring cleaning.

Retired Hugh Harlow set about a few Domestic Cleaning chores at his home in Chillington in south Devon when he stumbled across a set of drawings in his loft, the Herald Express reports.

At first glance, Mr Harlow thought the pieces of paper were merely inane doodles, but on closer inspection he found it was actually a storyboard designed by the great Alfred Hitchcock.

He drafted the collection while creating Stage Fright way back in 1948 and valuation experts believe the sketches could fetch between £20,000 and £40,000 when they are auctioned next month.

Mr Harlow told the publication he had met Hitchcock twice during his lifetime and “admired him immensely”.

Simon Roberts, who is a representative of Bonhams which is holding the auction, also told the news provider that the firm was “expecting a lot of interest” in the drawings.

This is a great example of how de-cluttering a home can provide rewards, as HSBC recently noted tidying up old junk can be the best way of making a property appealing to potential buyers.

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