Solicitor swaps high-flying career for cleaning post

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Solicitor swaps high-flying career for cleaning post

A successful Norfolk solicitor has quit his high-paying job to become a domestic cleaner, it has emerged.

Peter Webb, 55, used to earn £150,000 a year running his own law firm Webb and Partners, but has given up the post to clean ovens because he finds it less stressful.

Mr Webb, who worked 60-hour weeks in his previous profession, said scrubbing ovens in homes and businesses around north Norfolk gives him much more job satisfaction.

“It is a definite change of pace from being a solicitor – but I just love cleaning ovens for a living,” he told the Daily Mail.

“It is a chore that most people hate doing so I feel that I am providing a service that people really want. I really enjoy doing something practical instead of putting on a pinstripe suit and sitting in an office all day.”

Mr Webb, who has been in the legal profession for 30 years, sold his business in November 2008 and applied for the cleaning post, subsequently learning about how to dismantle different ovens for cleaning by removing and replacing doors and interior panels.

He advised homeowners that they can save up to thousands of pounds by getting their ovens cleaned instead of replacing them.

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