Save energy through daytime cleaning

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Save energy through daytime cleaning

Offices are reducing their energy costs by allowing commercial cleaners to work during office hours.

In previous years, companies have always resisted allowing potential disruptive office cleaning activities to be undertaken in the day, but there are a number of benefits to daytime cleaning. Most significantly, energy costs are cut as heating and lighting do not have to stay on. Distraction to office workers is also minimised through low-noise vacuum cleaners.

In one office run by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, the change in working methods has contributed to a 12 per cent drop in energy costs over a 20-month period. Whilst the office has also introduced other sustainable measures, they believe that daytime commercial cleaning has had the most cost effective impact.

Marion Coker, manager of strategic business planning and sustainability, told the Kansas City Star that daytime Contract Cleaning offers “the biggest bang for the buck; it didn’t cost anything” with the only noticeable change being “someone coming into your office and emptying a trash bin”.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority was created in 1963, with the aim of coordinating government subsidies to various transit and railroad companies in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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