Rise in property demand could push up cleaning enquiries

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Rise in property demand could push up cleaning enquiries

The demand for domestic cleaners may be on the rise as more people are looking to rent properties. According to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), even though the surplus of rental properties in on the decline, there is an increasing demand for properties in the UK.

This rise in housing demand could translate into an increase in the number of householders who seek the services of professional house cleaning companies to keep their residences clean. ARLA said the rise in demand for properties is partially down to an increase in the number of new tenants who were forced to either sell their homes due to the adverse economic climate.

The increasing number of vacancies due to evictions and property reclamation could also possibly lead to a demand for end of tenancy cleaning services as landlords prepare homes for new occupants. Ian Potter, operations manager at ARLA, said that as demand continues to exceed supply, the challenge for the property sector will be to provide enough rental properties to meet the demand.

A recent survey conducted by Confused.com found that British households will spend nearly £1 billion on cleaning services and replacements of damaged household goods this year. London cleaning companies can provide thorough services including window cleaning and mattress cleaning.

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