Pupils praised for cleaning their school

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Pupils praised for cleaning their school

Pupils from a school in Kent have been commended for taking the initiative to take on their role of Commercial Cleaners and improve the hygiene levels of their school.

Students from Istead Rise Primary School won red flag status from Kent County Council’s Clean Kent Schools Programme for helping to clear away litter from the school’s grounds.

Youngsters from the school were praised for their diligent work, which helps set an example for other schools and cleaning services in the region and across the country.

As part of Kent County Council’s Clean Kent School’s programme, educational establishments in the area are accredited with red, silver or bronze flags depending on the level of commitment pupils put towards improving the hygiene and cleanliness levels of their school grounds and surrounding areas.

Melanie Price, from the Clean Kent Campaign, said: “We are delighted to see Istead Rise School awarded with this top award. The Red Flag is a result of the children and staff’s dedicated hard work to ensure that their school is litter free and waste is kept to a minimum.

“Their efforts reinforce the Clean Kent Campaign objectives of making Kent a cleaner county that we can all enjoy and be proud of.”

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