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Cleaning kitchen work surfaces as you go is the best way to keep utensils in good condition, an expert has advised. According to household towel brand Plenty, hobs should be cleaned immediately after each use while spills are still fresh, as they will be far easier to remove than if they have been left to solidify. The firm pointed out that a quick wipe, with perhaps some detergent, is all that is needed to mop up spills and stains. Householders were also advised to use a simple and easy technique to remove stubborn pan stains. Boiling water with several slices of fresh lemon is all that is needed to remove black tarnish from uncoated aluminium pans. Similarly, a small quantity of white vinegar is just the trick needed to keep mirrors smear-free and sparkling.

“While you are sprucing up in there, don’t forget the toilet,” the firm said. “Sprinkle in washing soda crystals, leave to soak overnight, flush away and then wipe clean.”

Plenty stressed that it is important to pay attention to the state of the bathroom because it is the room guests are most likely to use.

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