Planet People launches new green domestic cleaning line

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Planet People launches new green domestic cleaning line

Canadian manufacturer Planet People has released a new line of domestic cleaning products aimed at helping consumers clean in a more eco-conscious manner.

The company’s iQ line of house cleaning products forms part of its latest environmentally-friendly initiative.

Planet People’s newest innovation is a small cartridge of non-toxic plant concentrate which can be dissolved in a pre-owned spray bottle filled with tap water to form a bottle of cleaning fluid.

The REFill cartridge, which is launched this month, will help reduce consumption of single-use cleaners, thereby minimising landfill waste.

Meanwhile, UK-based manufacturer Bentley Organic has re-launched its five-strong product range, which is now available for purchase online at supermarket chain Ocado. Bentley Organic claims its range is the first all-natural household cleaning product.

Mick Bremans, chief executive of the biggest selling environmentally-friendly house cleaning brand in Britain, Ecover, recently said that no domestic cleaning product can be 100 per cent environmentally-friendly.

In a report in the Independent, Mr Bremans said all cleaning supplies have an adverse impact on the environment in some form and pointed out that even Ecover’s products are not completely eco-friendly, which is why they have been specifically termed “ecological”.

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